Yoga for Skiers

Alpine Life Oct 13, 2017

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Yoga is an excellent way to prepare for the slopes. By engaging in a regular yoga practice, skiers can greatly benefit both mentally and physically to improve performance and avoid injury.

Brooklyn-based yogini, Dina Ivas, developed this simple yet effective 8 move sequence. All you need is your own body (and maybe a mat!).

For a full workout, poses can be complimented by vinyasas in between sides to promote core strength, hip and chest opening, and hamstring lengthening. 


  1. Mountain Pose
    Creates a stable base, focus, concentration 

  2. Chair Pose
    Strengthens quads, glutes, calves and promotes ankle flexion. Similar to downhill skiing position. Variation: lift heels.

  3. Twisted Chair Pose:
    Helps encourage proper knee alignment, hip stability, and spinal flexion.

  4. Low Crescent Lunge:
    Releases the hip flexors, which are constantly engaged on the slopes.

  5. Diagonal Lunge to High Crescent Lunge:
    Strengthen quadriceps, core and back muscles. Challenges balance and focus.
  6. Warrior 3 Pose:
    Promotes balance, stability, focus and quad and core strength.

  7. Triangle Pose:
    Increases hip mobility, oblique and leg strength, and opens chest.

  8. Goddess Pose:
    A lovely restorative pose after being upright all day. Helps relieve hip tightness from all that forward motion and turning during your ski session. Stretches piriformis.

Want more Yoga for Skiers? Follow at @OrsdenSki on Instagram for a pose of the week and join us this winter at the Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont for a Yoga & Skiing Retreat, January 26th – 28th. Email for more info on the retreat. 

About Dina: Brooklyn-based yogini Dina Ivas specializes in leading fun, all-level-friendly retreats worldwide where the vibe is all about feeling free and getting in touch with nature.  Some of her recent trips included exotic locales such as Tulum, Mexico and the island of Turks & Caicos.  She's a graduate of Sonic Yoga’s teacher training program in Manhattan, and studied Communications at Boston University before leaving a corporate PR job to take the leap and teach yoga full-time.  She went on to build a thriving business bringing yoga to offices.  A self-proclaimed “leggings-a-holic” and wine-lover, Dina co-founded Yoga Wine Party, a company marrying these two passions offering customized yoga and wine-tasting events. To learn more about Dina and read testimonials from her students please visit or follow @dinaivas on Instagram.