Original classics for men from Denmark since 1919

Danish label S.N.S. Herning specializes in men’s knitwear and has been making their iconic fishermen’s knit since the 1920s. This knit features a chunky “bubble” construction designed to help protect wearers from the elements. S.N.S. Herning’s pieces have stood the test of time due to their minimal aesthetic and extremely high quality.

Today, these 100% wool knits allow you to look rugged yet stylish and keep you warm no matter where your adventures take you -- either in the mountains, on the coast, or in the city. The styles range from the classic fisherman knit to chunky cardigans and streamlined hoodies.

Why I chose it
Timeless. Timeless. Timeless. S.N.S. Herning’s heritage says it all. These knits will stand the test of time. The “bubble” construction still looks modern almost a century in and the quality is exceptional.

Key pieces
Fisherman Wool Knit Crewneck, Stark Wool Cardigan

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