Classic American style designed with premium materials and elevated details

The Levi’s Premium collection is driven by superior style and craftsmanship. As a refresher, Levi’s was founded during the California Gold Rush in 1853, when Levi Strauss combined tough denim with copper rivets and the first blue jeans were born. What started as workwear, became a staple of American and then worldwide fashion.

Levi’s Premium takes this heritage and reinvents it for modern life with premium materials in flattering styles with elevated details. In recent years, Levi’s Premium has also focused on sustainability with Levi’s Wellthread. This denim is made with earth-friendly hemp, which requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow, is 100% recyclable, uses Levi’s Water<Less technology to save 96% of water used in the finished process, and is sewn in “worker well-being” facilities.

Why I chose it
Levi’s is iconic for a reason. There’s no better denim in terms of quality, style, and price than Levi’s Premium. Having worn the Women’s Levi’s Premium Wedgie fit in a range of washes for years, I just can’t find anything better. The high-quality denim and flattering styles also come at a very accessible price. This collection perfectly encapsulates casual American style.

Key pieces
Men’s Wellthread, Women’s Wedgie, Sherpa Truckers

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